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Girls ive been showing him signs that I like him the signs​

Happy Birthday i was going to drink anyway

Fake gangsters Be Like

someone telling you about your Drunk night

When Roaches Attack

Thirsty Niggas be like Nick Minaj

Beautiful Woman Be like on the beach

Chicks Be like im a Virgin

Drunk while texting Be like

That moment when you get Cross Video Meme

SnapChat Break Video

Hotel Bedside Twerking Video

Bitches be like his head game ain't shit

Bitches be like I don't suck dick

Bitches be like at the beach with besties

Bitches be like chill babe he's like my brother

Bitches be like I m tired of all these guys on Facebook trying to get at me

Bitches be like I'm high lass top shelf status

OMG it's not duckface its my stinking

Bitches be fronting boyfriend caught me sleeping

Bitches be like free my baby daddy

Bitches be like no!rio Dat too big

Bitches be like let's just be friends

Chicks be like I'm mixed

Chicks be like turn on the light

Bitches/niggas be like when texting

Chicks be like he went to jareds

Bitches be like this is baby fat

Chicks be like I'm chinese and Jamaican

Bitches be like meme

Bitches be like did my nails

Which ass are you

Bitches be like this is baby fat

Bitches be like im still a virgin thoe

guys be having all this money on they pics but be broke as fuck in person

There a storm coming and very few are prepared

God is about to take you where you could not go on your own if you agree type amen

Smart math answer it

Feny se jako meme

Tewe soos meme

Суки быть как meme

bitches be like oh its just a cold sore

niggas ser como wwww meme

กะเทย เป็นเหมือน wwww

где ваши стены пошли среды, ниггеры быть как WWWW

Sizin divarları çərşənbə getdiyi niggas wwww kimi

niggas zijn als wwww waar uw muren ging woensdag

Niggas essere come wwww dove le pareti sono andati mercoledi

niggas wie wwww sein wenn sie ihre wande ging mittwoch

Niggas être comme wwww ou vos murs sont allies mercredi

黑鬼像WWWW 在您的牆壁週三去了

нігер быць як WWWW дзе вашы сцены пайшлі асяроддзя

czarnuchy być jak wwww czargdzie wasze sciany poszed sroda

if you dont like the weather in texas just wait an hour

Kto Skomentuje pojde z nim na frytki pogadam na skypie zrobie sb z nim selfie

a female can give a nigga her last tooth and that nigga would use it to smile in another bitch face

When your friend want to leave the party meme

The secret of change is focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new