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When you turn 12 and figure out

When the police officer not playing with you

How real guys take a charge

What happens when you get caught in the snow

Meeting new people that be fake be like

How chicks be when they think you somewhere your not

When you in the club and don't know you drunk

That moment when she wants to give it up

Spainish people be like at the gas station video meme

When being thirsty goes wrong Video meme

When that music hit you like Video meme

Chicks be like let these hoes know you're taken

Broke chicks be like

Chicks be like this ain't no weave team natural

Chicks be like just got back from hubby house

Chicks be like this is my real hair

That moment you realize bigger fish in the sea

I would like a trim like just the split ends

Still a better love story than twilight

The original angry bird

Showing things to Internet friends showing things to real friends

He is going to be really upset when he discovers Minnie is his sister

I hope we are friends until we die then

The look you give your friend when you both catch onto something that no one else gets

When you die being a hoe

When your mom get home and you realize you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer

If your boyfriend doesn't know what's wrong with this weapon

Who was the cutest of Craig's crushes

When you're sleeping on the couch and someone wakes you up and tells you to go to your bed

Me checking if my summer body is ready yet

This is how real couples sleep nobody cuddles all night

Her side of the bed and his side of the bed

I never seen so much pain in one photo

Girl you extra wet tonight then turns on the light like

Dr Seuss explains pregnancy

North asks how did you get famous?

When it's time to go camping outside

When you riding with your white friends family and young thug come on meme

When you robbing but they just brought a tempur pedic mattress meme

There two kind of ladies meme

When a woman take all her makeup off meme

Thirsty guys be like meme

When they text you im here meme

When she tell you to make her Chris brown meme

Woman looking for soulmate ????

Chicks be feeling a Barbie