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When you turn 12 and figure out

This dog did 25 years in the animal shelter

Chicks be after they read a comment from me

Woman reading my post be

When it time to eat I show up at your house like

Fed Ex said this is what your Christmas box look like next year with notip

Man what would you do for a million dollars

I can show you the house the cars the money but

So you got pregnant to make him stay but he still left you

Nah baby they need to hear this all u side chicks

I collected all seven dragon balls and told she to That I wish a niggawould

I like food and sleep if I give up both you special to me

I'm not the type of person you should put on speakerphone

All chicks with big titties asses look like this

If you think your lonely now wait until the 14th

When the pastor is speaking in tongue and you start hearing young thug

Asks us girl to call all her male friends right now & tell them

Weather in NY be like

Guys with no balls be like I wish I could go but

If one more person invite me to Candy crush

Woman got a new app to trick guys outta abortion money

When she finally lets you put it in her butt

I dont care how old I am girl just hold my shoes

Cheating Patriots humble pie bullshit

N.W.A Niggas with arthritis

How it feel Tryna get the guy you want to act right