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When you turn 12 and figure out

The 12 signs as angels and Demons

Sometimes I just feel good by myself

Signs up for lost puppy

This picture is so deep whoever made this must have felt true pain

When he's just so cute and you can't stop looking at him like

If you know me based on who I was a year ago yo don't know me at all mygrowth game is strong allow me to reintroduce

Successful people they want others to succeed unsuccessful people theyothers to fail

Successful people they talk about ideas unsuccessful people they talkabout people

Successful people they continuously learn new things unsuccessfulpeople they think they know it all

Who comes first baby mom's or wife

Fat girl on the pole upside down nailed it

If you had beef and could only call one to ride with you who would it be

When you think your the biggest and you realize allways someone bigger

How's mfs used to dress back in 2005

If you're still best friends with the same person from last year the.Shout to ya because shit now a days don't last

Which one leads to the lights ?

When you leave her house and all she did was tease you for six hours

When realize white girls has evolve in 2015

Impossibilities in the world in 2015

Stomped a flag no bond black man killed nine people spent a day in jailgiven a bond but it's not about race

If she make her mac & cheese like this break up immediately

Ever just look at someone think this motherf'ker going to be the reasonI go to jail

When Can I come see you !?

Old Chinese lady that takes the bus starter pack

When he curve you for your friend but you know she burning