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When you turn 12 and figure out

This the only thang that people keep on Em that's 100

When your side girl baby see you in public

Should a man give up all his female friends once he gets married

A ducking a day keeps the bitching away

There's fire in her if loved correctly she will warm your entire home if abused

Attention ladies to make a long story short

The nwa movie was dope but this the movie my generation is really waiting on

I'm pushing kids out the way for my ticket I don't give a fuck I've been waiting for this since 2004

She may not have come from the perfect home she may not be in the currently but she refuses to give up

When you know you got bail money

When you gotta watch his snapchat story eight times to see if there was a girl in the background

Men don't just come into your life perfect however

Motherfucker be having 20/20 vision to your problems

The moment you realize what's wrong with this picture you might start crying

Guys be 23 stressing over 16 year olds like my guys leave her alone and let her do her homework

How Ben Franklin be looking at you when you blow him on dumb shit

So where's all the media talk about that sub eating guy

When you get a 10 piece nugget from McDonald's and they only give you one sauce

When everyone thinks your mean and stuck up but your really goofy and down to earth

Nowadays when kids get bored they can entertain themselves with iPhones and shit guy I had this

I noticed all the pictures of you and your man are deleted off your page is everything ok

Nobody wanna be loyal because everyone think they getting played

When he say he came fast because he hasn't had sex in mad long but you know it's cause us toto game is Fuego

You might as well run up and bite the damn cow if your steak look like this

Success is not always what you see