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They even hold your hand ​

Approximately how long did this woman have to fight

My life is extremely similar to Rihanna's song just work

When your friends are telling you to stop being petty and your trying

When you lose a friend boyfriend girlfriend anyone read this

You know she ugly

What you want I'm Reyna be able to fall asleep in class

What you want ball is life

Barber what you want lemme get that foundation makeup brush Fam

What you want brother I just want to make America great

What do you want I'm about to go on Maury Fam

I want the haircut I deserve but not the one I need right now

What you want gimme that ig double tap

Whatchu want I want that candle that's melting all uneven look

What do you want I want Moses to get the Israelites across the sea

What you want today bro I don't know Fam just thinking I need my life to come full circle

What do you want gimme that chocolate flan fade Fam

What you want lemme get boost on Mario kart

What you want just start buzzin and I'll see how fast chair can spin

What you want I dunno I got a lot of shit on my mind

What you want let me get that N64 cartridge line up

What do you want I trying look like the ass end of a deer

What you want Fam I can't afford a hat

What do you want you know them drumstick ice cream cones

What we doing today just make sure I never get chicks again

What do you want gimme that Cinnabon