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Girls ive been showing him signs that I like him the signs​

Me... I'm not gonna drink for awhile

Her .. I thought you lived by yourself

Her you pulled out right me yup

The 8th still $40 ma I don't know what made you think this gonna change that

Arthur I'm telling you brother francine'spussy was that wide

Bitch his dick was in my lungs I still can't breathe or walk right and I was talking all that shit

Told you I was about to nut but you wanted to keep riding now you gone be a single mother

We'll keep the next one promise

Barber what you want too much sauce say no more Fam

Here are ten things to do for your wife every year

Tag a friends so they can unlock their phone just to see spoon

Forget her looks how about her insane work ethic her unstoppable ambition

If your man isn't dark skin it's not a real relationship

When you look back at some of the people you were in a relationship with

This is when you ask her all the shit she normally say no to

Start typing @m and the first person that pop up

When you text his punk ass four hours ago and he finally responds

What if the government was staging and or carrying out these mass shootings on police

When baby does something new during sex

She got goals can hustle cook and then