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When you turn 12 and figure out

When you told him not to start shit because he can't fight but he does anyway

This the type of nigga that always asks where the Hoe's at but when they around

Which was your favorite sandwich growing up

When your phone charger breaks but your sibling has one that works

When you put your baby daddy in jail for

You vs the guy she tell you not to wort about

When the weed helps you figure shit out

Ladies a guy you've been dating asks you to come over for a candlelight dinner

My favorite quote on display in one picture

Real niggas go thru the most shit in life while

My blood homie said he was boolin in the butt and I ain't know if that was gang talk

It was never my job to wake up anyone who's sleeping on me

The struggle of having chubby cheeks

A 2.0 student can know more than a 4.0 student

R.i.p golden state warriors bandwagon

I just wanna grow old with you

You're black special message to all Dominicans

When your at the pool with your friends and your low key drowning because

Good morning all sexy fuckers

Real love is not based upon romance candle light dinner and walk along beach

A real relationship is where you can tell each other everything and anything

When new people started following you and don't know about the Fuckery you post

I 'be been in a I don't even care anymore mood a lot lately

Woman the hell up we are not weak emotional basket cases

When bae does something new during sex