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When you turn 12 and figure out

the biggest L a guy ever take is losing out on good girl with values and

growing up black you had to dress like your brother and sister even

my fave thing ever is laughing to the point where you can't even speak

Currently singlationship when you do whatever you want but still get baked on

I'm scared to like him because I feel like it's a trick

when she cheats and you take her back

if I click my ruby flip flops together three times will I end

come here I have your boyfriend's phone unlocked

Don't fuck with my feelings while knowing im down as fuck for you

Janet Jackson's prenuptial agreement guarantee her $500 million if she stayed Five years

showing up in heaven after they bomb the US like

Friends be like you really gonna bail on us foe some DICK

Side chicks be mad like what? you always been the French fries never

New Yorkers version of the groundhog We see this and we know spring has arrived

you won't be mad at me being let if you stop thinking

Summer Bucketlist fill up ballots with non toxic paint have a paint bomb fight

me after I kill my baby daddy

two things define us our patience when we have nothing and our attitude when we have everything

Syria I just wanna let y'all know y'all can have your way with the red colored states

I'm not eating ya pu88y if you don't have ya high school diploma

A dope chick dent give a fuck about what you got she cares about how

Carmelo and Lala have been together since he was dressing like a member of Dipset

so this is why there's always only two lanes open at Walmart

when your mom says wtf are you wearing and you thought you looked good

ok im feeling really motivated when I get home im going to sort my life out

when God already told you he/she isn't for you but

if yu deep snuff inside her and she Gasps, then says Fuck under her breath Congratulations

they got a happy hour playlet for toddlers? I'm done

you'd be surprised how many people you did good for talk about you like you aint shit

If you 'women' call me UGLY you must not know what you look like with no make up on

shoutout to all single women that complain about being single but never go out

Once you show you a Real King🤴🏿🤴🏽🤴🏾, Everybody want to thee throne you

I don't need to walk thru no church doors to know that I'm BLESS that aura when I step will tell you

don't get too attached ain't no telling who else they "just talking to"

When I tell ppl I'm from the Bronx this is what they imagine

When her beauty is blinding your judgement so gotta check her stats like it's 2k

this nigga really said life man just life