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When you turn 12 and figure out

when your bf apologizes for being apologizes for being mean but decides to be mean again

Name one food you can't do without in a week

to date me you gotta br mentally strong. because I"ll push all your buttons you didn't even know you had

forgets to text her once you get in the house her: to be honest the women can have you I'm done

me when somebody flirt wit me you ain't ready for me,

your mcm has money because his mom doesn't charge him rent

when he calls you screaming & crying saying he almost got hit by a car but you already know that was you

do you ever look at your body and regret all the junk food you ever eaten but then proceed to eat more junk food to comfort urself

when he threatens to spank your bratty but and that's exactly what you wanted to hear

got these for the low $ I know y'all need some

when you're out with bad & a girl yells out "oh you can't speak?! no girl ...he can't

I finds pieces go you in every song I listen to

girl the baby only 2 weeks old, how tf he act just like is daddy so let me get this right the baby chantn on you too

money is this tight right now

when everyone's being too nice eo each other so you slip a bit of savage in there

he best kind go people are the ones that come into your life

I want my daughter to believe deep in her her heart that she is capable of achieving anything she put her mind to

you say no to juicy j can't

I just saw that weave

what if I told you twerking makes you look

you say you are not but our discussions lead me to believe otherwise

why did the chicken cross the road? I cased him with my deep-fryer

playing clash Royale waiting for the elixir timer to hurry up

cheers to all those who ae walking single into 2017

if you're sad being alone on valentines day, just remember nobody loves you on the other days of the year either

almost time for that near year new me crap

who can go in their kitchen right now turn the light on and not see a roach

shoutout to the people going through some but trying their hardest to be positive proud of you

things you can do in the NFL & not lose fans: things you can't do sit down

I appreciate pancakes with crispy edges

man I was listening to usher in my headphones now I got a bump on my ear

When your gaining weight breaking out, wasting money and u don't know what ur doing with ur life

how your friend looks at you when someone that don't know comes around y'lall and stars talking

when your bf says he's out w guys

kids walk around dabbing this was my generations of dabbing

what's your Star Wars name... to find out, follow these steps for your Name

get ready The kings and queens are waking up Leo season

guy dropout of school and get a job at McDonald talking bout on my grind yeah

when someone tells me I'm an butthole i tell them

questions government trusts Vampires and Werewolves

Tell me again how you want a pay raise for flipping burgers

How da F you women want a guy to bring something to da table when yo ass still owe Rent a Center for da MFin table

When you get into a relationship then suddenly everybody starts confessing they feeling they have for you

My relationship with my phone is like plankton and Karen

I just want someone who looks at me the way my brother looks at ketchup

have you seen these people ambitious young adults with shovels during a snow storm who are looking to make money

Solve this riddle 90 percent will get this wrong

Pull up to his crib break his windows in the blizzard and dip

When you bust a nut in this weather

When you high AF in public but gotta play it cool