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When you turn 12 and figure out

join the army they said see tropical foreign lands they said


when the picture you asked them to delete ends up on their instagram

scientist have discover caterpillar that looks like Donald trump's hair

my parents called me liar I looked at them in them in the eyes and said "Santa,easter bunny, toothfairy' and walked away like a boss

with the first overall pick, my deepest condolences you've been drafted by the browns

when you said 2016 was gonna be ur year but three mouths in your life already shambles

I look both ways before crossing a one way street that's how little faith I have left in humanity

I think weekends are made in china they don't last long

you're fat don't sugarcoat it cause you'll eat that too

what's the first song you're playing on these speakers

'every man cheats says Amber rose, but 'If he loves you enough, you'll never find out"

me after a long night of

when ur friend sends u a funny global warming meme but don't wanna laugh too hard.cause u know oxygen I limited

this what Latinas be yelling

my son is my baby today tomorrow and always

who can go in their kitchen right now turn the light on & not see a roach

when your bf says he's out with guys

I appreciate pancakes with crispy edges

man I was listening to usher in my headphones now I got a bump on my ear!

every girl love this text her after she falls asleep and describe in large detail everything that you adore about her she'll wake up with a smile on her face

when he blew your back out the other and you swear you bet grew a little bit

took a l tired it into a lesson all my problems flip them into blessing see the good in every bad situation

when you just realized your girl was at the party watching you the entire time

if you aren't treating her right don't be mad when somebody else does

god isolates you so you can get yourself togetheit may steem like you lost friendships &relationships but a better you is worth more!

the best thing the slave master peoplehave taught I'll culture to keep our divided for America s'don't trust nobady now think about that major key

I gave my boss a cookie just in case he wanna run a random drug test!!! we all going down

you chicks. want these dudes to stay out your Dm just take your weave off and your makeup off then post a selfie problem solved

to all those innocent looking girls with the hood playlist in their phone

guys one gotta go

look at my grand dad apron he said "well I ain't got no apron!"

which show you grew up watching

too official to entertain unofficial stuff

when you're vibrating higher and reflect on how gangster you spirit is

when you're trying to have a positive attitude but life keeps testing you

so, how's your diet going? Me

I swear to god I don't even know what's going on in 2017 anymore

enjoy your own company it's okay to go shopping alone ,go to the movies alone ,go out to eat alone be happy with yourself

hi, I finished my free trial of adulthood & I'm no longer interested so I wanna cancel my subscription is there a manager I can speak to?

mom crying on first day of school you weren't crying when you left for the club on Friday

I would love to do this but hte way my weight is set up I'll have to settle for being lifted up in prayer

looks matter to me.. if god don't like ugly why should I

17 year old me: I'm going college & doing something with life 2 years later

ladies are squiggly brows the new trend? experts are saying yes!

when u miss talking to someone but u don't wanna bother them bc obviously if they wanted to talk it'd be happening right now

when you picking somebody up and hey got people with them

look at this snack

words lose value when ya actions don't match

when women stops arguing with you, it means her heart is no longer in it