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I got screenshots that shut down and respiratory system

when you're drunk in front of your parents

when you put excellent Excel skills on your cv, and you're there on your first day like...

annual meeting of time travelers

after spending all his toy story money eddy takes the but to his new job Mcdonald

good morning followers you mother f are shoot except you non liking y'all ain't anything

to be fair.....

that awkward moment when you're already said 'what?' three

yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn't obvious you copied ok

what you mean I can't turn myself In and get money

we need law and order in America says the guy who just bragged about cheating

when someone says something even remotely negative about you

Pray for my sister yall she used the snapchat dog filter so many times she literally turned into a dog

that's a nice nation you got there be a shame if someone DISCOVERED IT

there's a new blink 182 single and everyone is playing Pokemon

get in, we're making America great again

when granny make the pie just right

April fools day is the one day of the year that people crucially evaluate news articles before accepting them as true

the face you make when someone says they think Donald trump would be a good president

If you don't love job, take a home loan you'll start loving it..........

happy easter uh...I mean Christmas...Merry Christmas