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When you turn 12 and figure out

insert codes for the blog

When you die being a hoe in the hoe position

The few loyal souls left in this generation are the libras

When youre in denial about your alcohol addiction

I know who i am not perfect im not the most beautiful woman in the world

People like me dont have people we are the people that people have

Dangerous Bumps to look out for

You Females Keep saying this

Growth is my drug of choice its some powerful

Sometimes it's too late to make things right

If you cant handle me at my 2007 Gucci mane you dont deserve me at my 2017 Gucci mane

Bs be 20 years old still bragging about being evil and crazy

When you text him with a attitude and thought he was gonna ask whats wrong but he say i dont got time for that

Eat her and hump that girl good like her dead beat babydaddy watching

I dont know how people have such adventurous summers

When your Ex say im with someone better than you

You had all winter break to complete the assignment

When you wearing fake Js and guys in the roast session looking for someone to get on

When your friend aks their parents if you can stay over and youre just in the back like

When you fail all your exams and your mom aks for the remote and you give it to her and she say

When you lowkey know your son did 911

When you ask a girl why she broke up and she just wont stop

When youre chill with everyone

I just had the worst performance of 2016

Cruisin down the street in my 64 blessing the Bs praying for hoes

When your Dentist adds you on snapchat

Macaulay Culkin with the greatest transformation of 2017

When she thinking forgiving you but her friends are there to remind her you aint

they said math wasnt used in everyday life

when your friend leaves church without saying hi to you

what love got to do with the color purple

how it look when you start dealing with a girl or liking a girl

this is deadass me when im starving but im waiting for Netflix to load so

Ion give a damn about no matt damon where denzel at

when you see back to school commercials but you already graduated

today three olds can switch on laptops and open their favorite apps

Bosses be like you still coming to work right

one month of 2017 gone and

The Owner of the restaurant just told this dude get out because he dont have money to pay for food

Have you noticed the men are trash tweets have gone down by 70 percent

When you make a joke and nobody laugh but you

When you watching youtube hair tutorials and miss a step

Oh how cute she cropped out jody

Guys be like i might be ugly but look at my beard

When you brought her more than five drinks and she still not faded

i was broke making sure guys was straight

When you ask a New yorker how serious they are

If you dont want to see her with no one else then treat like

She even badder because every guy hasnt had her