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They even hold your hand ​

Mummy little hustlers 

Distract her babies 

Everyone’s got to play a part

Come on smile for the lady 

Lady lovely ducklings mothergoose lovely purse 

Can I borrow some money for their feed 

No he’s about to kiss her 

Got to keep an eye on her 

The look when you open your door and finds the visitor is your dream girl 

Trying to explain the first you got an orgasm 

When you fully understand the meaning of your mother name 

What you had her thrice in a go 

How you look camping outside for some Jordan at the age of 30 

When you and bae get home off henny at 3am 

Keep this in mind next time you grab a hand rail

When you cheated on ya girl 72 times then find out a male coworker held open a door for her and 

When someone asks if you have an Android charger

Good morning you’re getting a Christmas bonus no wait 

Me when I say I’m not drinking tonight 

When you don’t want to fuck up your new child molester 7’s

Mom vs daughter can you identify mom

When you retire but that Ssi check isn’t enough to live on 

What in the bad and boujie teletubbie 

On my way to a Boy Scout camp I met LIL pump he was high as 

Who’s been to this restaurant an don’t lie 

Nah nigga she ain’t even a thot she a thought 

Would you be a stay at home dad if your wife was making 12 million 

When you ask for a picture of your kid but your baby mother still misses you 

Gonna go lay under the Christmas tree to remind my friends and family that I am a gift 

Snoop dog out here looking like the Black M Bison 

We all have that one friend where you need to say be nice before 

Me at work vs me at home 

When you need help seasoning chicken 

This has gotta be a white man’s grill this meat is perfectly seasoned with imagination and hope 

Snoop Dogg out here looking like the Black M Bison

The Christmas Hood anthem for 2017

What I think I wanna faint

Can I take a quick look underneath your skirt 

I didn’t see nothing 

You’ve been a naughty boy now have your drugs 

I hate competitors drink and die (thinking)

When you’re so persistent for Christmas present drink this and sleep then you wake up on the 28th 

Kitten mom why don’t I look like you or day 

You’ve been sleeping around take this love portion

What do Donald Trump and a pumpkin have in common 

When you go to jail for beating up your boyfriend and see all your friends at your court date

Hey young girl young girl young girl 

Damsel can I get your number

Let me love you my way