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When you turn 12 and figure out

Which Girl's Legs Are Missing In This Picture

Say five things positive about this picture 

A family that eat flaming hot Cheetos together stay together 

When your Bm got a new man, and he’s the owner of Cheetos flaming hot 

This could of been Us, but you wasn’t team flaming hot crunchy Cheetos 

Dude got that face on like he know he about to get roasted 

#2018 ladies! I don’t gotta take your sh*t I already have a bad chick in my closet when I get home 

Since everybody trying to be a doll, I figure I’ll go get me a doll 

I finally found someone that is loyal, soft spoken, and understanding 

In dolls we trust 

God must of sent this from above 

Me protecting my girls who are too polite to tell a man to fuck off on a night out 

How many people know, How cashew’s are grown? 

Somebody give Frieza A Oscar

When you unlock Goku in Street fighter 2

I refuse to disappoint myself 

Everybody wanna help you spend it but nobody wanna help you get it 

This wind is so disrespectful just blew past my ear and whispered f*ck yo coat 

The real deadbeat is the woman who keeps her child from a loving father 

If you woke up without a goal go back to sleep 

2018 were dating men that are actually interested in us and want to know what 

I just want to work hard make money eat with good people and love the same man over and over again 

Dam ma why you so rude because you ain’t my man so move 

Since y’all boys know everything what’s this 

Shoutout to everyone who has made it out of a dark place or hard time in their life

when ur broke but she believes in ur dreams

Ladies you leaving for work in the morning and see this on ya windshield 

In a world where everyone is a king or queen, sometimes it’s best just to be the coolest monkey in the jungle

 be cool monkeys be cool in my Samuel Jackson voice

Of all the shirts you had to steal you choose that one 

No matter what people think or say just be 

The moment your realize you’re not just any  monkey