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When you turn 12 and figure out

when little cousins come in your room and say "your mom said we could play in here

Maybe she was your favorite person but only wanted her around when you felt alone

it's not my fault you thought I was normal... That's on you

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch when u thought the song was finally over but someone in the choir starts it back up again

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch when the church are low on cash and they start asking people to contribute for the rent

when you walking through the church after service and catch the tea #GrowingUpInABlackChurch

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch when you were forced to testify

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch not trying to interrupt pastor when ya gotta get up in the middle of the sermon

#GrowingUpInABlackChurch when a hood dude comes to the altar to rededicate his life to god