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When you turn 12 and figure out

Raise your hand if your child is growing up way too fast!!

How I sleep knowing that she's both of our girl's but she lives with you

look carefully there are 4 monkeys facing each other

in religion we call it sprits tn science we callout energy in the streets we call it vibes all I'm saying it trust it

people will quit on you you gotta get up every day and make sure you never quit on yourself

this guy got LeBron James haircut the moving on uo George Jefferson's 2018

When you shoot your shot & get left on read

A 9 year old kid apparently got caught selling hot Cheetos/Hot fries for 25 cent in baggies at school

so umm did you ask keke is she lik...

one truth many songs

when you want to punch someone in the face, but you know they'll file charges...

90% of u niggas 2day

my momma cantaloupe head ass

i told the kids that if they were good all week, i'd take them to toys r us

how i post on social media when i'm wifed up vs how i post when i'm single

when i finish arguing and i head the person mumbling

the opposing counsel underestimates a young female attorney

imagine spending 7 years in college to become a lawyer and your client shows up to court like this

niggas know about this situation

i cant wait to sit in bed and eat these with my baby

some people are so busy trying to paint a bad picture of you that they cant see the paint spilling on themselves

if cant bring nothing to the table, im not sitting down until i can

my body is my journal and my tattoo are my story

when they switch on you it hurts but when they can't come back it hurts them more can't bust no U turns with me stay over there!

when you first FaceTime her vs after she gets comfortable with you

I'm at the age where I could careless what anybody thinks of me except god transition Experian and Equifax

if the potato salad arrives in this it's gone be FYE

how to leave a tip like a boss

when your grandparents drunk and maze ft Frankie beverly comes on

only in London

name an album in any genre That you think is 100% perfect where you don't skip 1 track

which song is better

our family is going through some stuff, without much detail we are asking for prayers and drug money

when im minding my business at a cookout and some random black lady says that food good aint it baby? you tearin it up

support you family/friends business without asking for a discount

somebody gone appreciate my Ass one day

once you lose someone you love from death, it makes it easier to accept losing people...

girl running back to the same guys who arnt shit and will break their heart

some of y'all got wife writtien all over you

struggles are required in order to survive in life

the things to keep private

get honest with people about who you are and what you want

when someone is sneak dissing pay attention to the likers

me trying to monitor the thing i left in gods hands

i hope my ex is happy and healthy, hope old friends who i outgrown are grown are doing good

my momma said y'all have ti pklay with me

i may act like everythings ok but deep down i wanna sell drugs

i wasnt hiding my child from the world. i was hiding him from rasheeda

dont ask me no dumb shit bro

when your girl starts picking up on your habits sos now she's a mimi version of u