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If you choose silence you stand with the hatred​

Fuck some sex can we rob them niggas in ya inbox 

I hate white towels they be exaggerating I do not be that dirty 

Once I find out you got a boyfriend BITCH grams are $70

My baby mama hit me in the lip with a hot iron Imma kill that bitch 

everybody following about 2 or 3 people 

Loot lake island is on the move 

here's the thing about people with good hearts

Me when somebody flirt wit me 

Everyone knew that one weird kid in the class 

Me as soon as the temperature drop below 70 and I feel a breeze 

When you come at him with attitude and he shut you down real quick 

Somebody needs to hear this that betrayal was blessing 

She your girlfriend she suppose to be that annoying 

Can anyone say the same 

They got unc he done took his shihadah already 

Where was the craziest 

God will provide stop stressing complaining and worrying 

Be willing to walk alone many who started with you won’t finish 

I was talking to this fine ass girl earlier shawty was thick as shit so she told me her last nigga tried 2 commit suicide after they broke up 

if I got buy own uggs this year Ain't nobody gettin no coochie period

I can’t feel my right arm I gotta pee she is sleeping peacefully I’m a hostage at this point 

I swear I ain’t buying another bootleg movie ever 

Colin Kaepernick out here looking like marv getting 

Who pussy is the this 

If her nails cost 65 dollars give her 

You be IGHt how black peoples comfort you after you share 

Be her peace first of all she be the one starting shit 

Someone in Florida snapped this awesome picture of a raccoon riding an alligator at the Ocala National Forrest 

This Boggs built like a Charlie’s horse 

I can’t date a nigga that can’t fight I needs be able to say my man will fuck you up 

My lil brother said dating a Taurus is worse than driving one 

free bill Cosby you just grew up in a wrong era these bitches love pill now

We will talk about the hairline later where are the ears at 

The gift of hard work isn’t what you get 

You can’t spoil a broke nigga he gonna think he finessed you 

Busting his tires and windows is played out take his transmission sis 

When niggas cheat at least we cheat with the nothingass bitches 

Nigga will good morning beautiful you to death 

most niggas be thinking the "side Nigga" is some new dude's in his woman's life... NO NIGGA I've been hitting that for like 3 relationships now nigga yo new to us

Did it hurt when you fell from the vending machine 

Can’t do double dates because o compete so if dude 

her I love romantic hood nigga me

The what you doing text 

Having a man dig inside your mind before he dig in your guts is a different type of intimacy 

A woman who brings back money is a woman you can believe in

it she put it in for you then you don't to worry bout pulling out that's her responsibility

break up with me and this how I'm leaving you cabinets spaghetti O's or Carrots Good luck bitch

when you go back for that second bowl of captain crunch and you don't care about the roof of your mouth

anyone know of a god job for someone who hates people

dumps gatorade on bae after sex good game