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Girls ive been showing him signs that I like him the signs​

When yo ears ring someone....

When someone is going through a rough time ...

I don’t wanna Argue don’t wanna ... 

why she single because she pick ....

No Competition

When she throws it back and tighten her walls

I wanna be loyal and Nasty with the same person foreverrrrr

That one time may dad tried to get fancy with the edit and people thought I died

when the big sister think she tuff and u tired of it

Your entire lie can really change in a year

When people gives you life advice then you see them doing a line in the bathroom

Now where's my hoodie?

black people so petty

What a gentleman.........

How Hard did age hit you

What was you favorite "struggle meal" growing up?

I don't hold grudges.......

Ever since sometime told me that Troy Aikman look like a Caucasian Jay-Z I can't unsee it

my biggest fear is a killer saying some funny crap while I'm playing dead

Dads brag about waking up early Also dads % min after sitting on the couch

The thing used to be so simple

F a break up had you ever have a parent not want you? crap hurts

people don't be happy for u.......

sometimes you got put aside what u feel for them........

when your his girl vs after y'll break up

girls be watching you relationship like is it over yet

Zeke looking like he's cheering for convicts in the longest yard Cowboy fans explain

when you're old and distant....

when your boyfriend actin up you gotta put on his shoes when he leave and do this

getting a lot of women isn't something to be proud of keeping one is

took this pic with few homies at my wedding.....

having no kids is all fun and games until Tax season

shout to the gym who have good intentions good heart and treat girls with respect

when you're waiting for him to get the towel.

idk who n my tl need to see this but

your girlfriend friends are not your friends they chill with the side person too

I told myself that I should stop Drinking but I'm not about to listen to A Drunk talks to himself

Facebook 10 year challenge winner

I'm kind of a lady but definitely more of a weirdo

I watched my best friends got close to there people and count me out..........

Just because a BLACK MAN goes to jail Doesn't mean he's a bod man But I betcha you won't share this: #MLK

Just put the treats in the bag and nobody gets humped

people love saying "so you done with me" well I was but now I'm not sure

Happiness is the real rich........

I don't have "trust issues".......

She doesn't want the world bro...... she just wants to feel secure in yours